IssueTitleColumn UsedYear
LCGC Europe
Sep., 2018
Analysis of Phospholipid Classes by iHILIC®-FusioniHILIC-Fusion2018
LCGC Europe
Dec., 2017
Analysis of Organophosphates in Lithium Ion Battery Electrolytes by HILIC-ESI-MS_iHILIC-Fusion(+)iHILIC-Fusion(+)2017
LCGC Europe
July, 2017
Direct Analysis of Amino Acids by HILIC–ESI-MS_iHILIC-Fusion(+)iHILIC-Fusion(+)2017
LCGC Europe
Sep., 2016
HILIC–UHPlC–MS as a Tool for Metabolomics Study_iHILIC-FusioniHILIC-Fusion2016
LCGC Europe
July, 2016
Analysis of Artificial Sweeteners by HILIC-MS Method_iHILIC-Fusion(+)iHILIC-Fusion(+)2016
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